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Budget and manage your money smarter with contextual insights personalized by AI



Optimize loan repayment with personalized recommendations and automated repayments



Apply to 100,000+ local gigs, work locally or online, and get paid reliably through Stoovo



Stoovo classifies your expenses, estimates tax obligations, and helps you set aside savings in due time


Tell Stoovo
about yourself

Create your gig resume in a few easy steps, and Stoovo will match you with jobs that fit you like a glove. For best results, give the app access to your spending habits, too.


Work preferences and interests

Choose job categories, weekly availability and preferred employment type.

Skills and gig experience

List skills and platforms such as Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Upwork, Thumbtack and more.

Link bank accounts (optional)

Securely connect any number of accounts and Stoovo will tailor jobs and advice to your daily financial situation.

Manage all loans
in one place

Auto-connect loans from a growing list of partnered providers, or easily link any student, personal or car loans to the app. Now you can repay, pause and schedule all loans from here.


Stoovo looks after
your finances

Get personalized financial advice as our AI analyzes your spending, debt, and tax obligations in real-time:

Refill your coffers with short-term gigs

Need extra shekels? Have extra time to spare? Apply for recommended gigs in seconds, do the work, and get paid through Stoovo quickly and securely.


Financial freedom looks good on you!

Never run short on your monthly budget, loan repayment, or tax dues. Unlock endless opportunities to save and earn back what you owe.

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Take full control of your financial life

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