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Optimize and automate repayment of any loan, and let Stoovo do your 1099 and other taxes.

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Jon Venverloh



Pierre Mombeleur

Co-founder & Market Strategy


Semih Korkmaz

Co-founder & Technical Lead


Hantz Fevry

Co-founder & CEO



Chief Pet Officer


Bradley Leimer


Real people, real support

Our dedicated team in San Francisco is ready to answer any questions you may have, and then some.

Who is Stoovo for?icon

Stoovo is for freelancers, gig workers, students, anyone who has a loan… and just about anyone who uses money, really! Any United States resident 18 years or older (19 years old in Alabama or if you're a ward of the state in Nebraska) is eligible to use Stoovo.

What information does Stoovo require?icon

Your Stoovo account is created using your name, email, mobile phone number and a set of work preferences and verifiable skills. This combination helps us verify and protect your identity as well as match you with short-term gigs.

Is Stoovo secure?icon

Don’t even mention it. Your data is protected with 256-bit AES bank-grade encryption. Ditto for connecting your bank accounts, which is optional anyway (although highly recommended). We never share or sell any of your personal information, and employers can see only the information you allow.

Can I repay loans directly through Stoovo?icon

Oh yes! Stoovo connects natively to a growing number of modern loan providers such as Affirm, and we can make fast and reliable payments directly to your bank. Student loan? You won’t need to use a student loan servicer or other third-party organization.

How does your AI work?icon

Our AI proprietary machine learning algorithms are specialized in personal finance, consumer lending and gig economy. They learn your spending patterns and debt structure to learn your financial needs and goals, and cross-reference that information with your job preferences to recommend the very best gigs right now.

How do I get started with Stoovo?icon

Download the app from App store and follow the simple instructions to register and setup your profile. Stoovo is free to use and takes a minute to get started.

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