At Stoovo, we believe in diversity

That's why we work hard to bring you various job opportunities, features, and insights because we know our users vary in so many ways - language, age, ethnicity, culture, interests, etc. But diversity doesn't just start on the Stoovo app.
It begins here, with our team.

Hantz Fevry

Co-Founder & CEO

Semih Korkmaz

Co-Founder & CTO

Pierre Mombeleur

Head of Operations

Jean Collin

Business Operations Manager

Greta Rose Evans

Brand Manager

Cybille Bronson

Account Manager

Jr-Han Tai

Senior Software Engineer

Noman Gul

Full Stack Engineer

A new type of CEO
At Stoovo, we believe you should never be limited when it comes to opportunities. Everyone deserves to be in control of their finances and the way they work.
Born and raised in Haiti, our Co-Founder & CEO, Hantz Fevry, always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When the devastating 7.0 earthquake hit his home country in 2010, he knew he had to do something. He was inspired to use technology to solve real-world problems, so he started his first company, I.Trade International, an early warning system that detects earthquakes before they hit. He was only nineteen years old.
After moving to the U.S. for college, Hantz was no stranger to overdraft bank fees and was perplexed at how hard finding temporary work was. How can you save money when you can't even pay your monthly bills? This question puzzled Hantz, even when he went on to work for Google as a Product Manager. After work, he spent countless nights developing an app that would solve this problem, and that's how Stoovo was born.
While our mission is simple, Stoovo offers everything you need to work on your own terms. All our features share the same common goal: to help you monetize your time and skills with the right short-term work opportunities.

Boost your earnings
with Stoovo