Use case #1

Delivery Services

Skyrocket the quality of your delivery service and reduce operating costs with fewer missed deliveries, stolen packages, and returns. Stoovo improves delivery efficiency by 40%.

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Address information

Stoovo's Address Guide provides detailed information on parking, accessibility,
drop-off info, and more!

Indoor navigation

Stoovo's navigation doesn't just work outside. With indoor navigation, delivery workers will receive directions until the package is delivered precisely where it belongs.

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Use case #2

City Planning

Stoovo provides intelligent insights for delivery activities and curbs to aid curb management. This fully customized solution for cities allows real-time information regarding curbs and delivery insights.

Use case #3

Autonomous vehicles

Stoovo helps AVs detect temporary parking spots and entrances, resulting in more successful deliveries for packages and passengers.


Your benefits with Stoovo


Skyrocket your delivery rates and avoid returns.


Gain 360° real-time visibility on delivery activities to inform policies.


Receive better navigation accuracy + insights.

Seamless integration

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